[Some Interesting] Cloud ‘n Sec news: 22th Apr 22

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Fix Azure misconfiguration

By configuring properly! And this page mentions tips on how to avoid common misconfigurations that could lead to breaches. Action this, now!



Warns of ongoing attacks to Critical infrastructure

NSA and CISA issued warnings of ongoing Russian-sponsored attacks to critical infrastructure.

the NSA warned via twitter:

Critical infrastructure organizations should maintain a heightened state of alert against Russian cyber threats. Stay vigilant and follow the mitigations from our joint advisory to harden your IT and OT networks now

Check out bleeping computer’s post for recommendations and insights.


Wind turbines affected by Ransomware

The conti group ransomware has hit Wind turbines from Nordex.

Bleeping computer reported:

Nordex is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of wind turbines globally, with more than 8,500 employees worldwide.

On April 2nd, Nordex disclosed that they had suffered a cyberattack that was detected early and that the company had shut down its IT systems to prevent the spread of the attack.

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