New Zealand Women in Security Awards — a nominee’s experience

Andre Camillo, CISSP
3 min readNov 23, 2023

On the 09th of November, the security industry in New Zealand celebrated the successes and efforts of the Females and minorities in the field, including Pacific/Maori.

The Cerimony

The evening took place at a nice venue in town, and had the backing and sponsorship of Cyber security companies, some of which are amongst the biggest employers and supports of the whole field.

Held by a couple of organizations who dedicate their efforts to event management and functions for the field, the cerimony was brilliantly hosted and managed by the organizers, had the amazing introduction performance of a native Maori of the event, with the respect of the land of Aotearoa — a tradition for events that is most welcome and respected.

A vibrant musical performance by female violinist Hanna Fang kicked off the evening.

Later, amongst the award functions, we had intermissions for dinner and dessert.

An incredibly fancy and delicious dinner

And a just as impressive dessert:

Following the conclusion of the award cerimony, the attendees had an afterparty function to attend, which many have attended (not the author though, as I had to take my morning run on the following day :).

The Awards

The awards celebrated functions such as:

  • Best volunteer
  • Best company supporting diversity
  • Best program supporting the community
  • Most outstanding Member of the community
  • Best Mentor
  • Champion of Change
  • and many more, of course

Each winner had their chance to take a stage photo, make their much deserved speech and take photos later, a cadence to event that was needed, and well executed…



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