The Meraki MV series — Second Generation family (MV12, MV22, MV32 and MV72) with embedded people and car detection capabilities


So you just got a new set of Meraki MV cameras. Surely you’ve dived into the dashboard and rejoiced on the many features they offer out-of-the-box. Now what? Now you get serious with them!

Remember the old days? When you monitored an environment and had no idea how your customers felt while waiting in line?

These days (can be) are long gone when you couple Smart sensors like Meraki’s MV cameras with AI face recognition services like AWS Rekognition. How about also looking for faces and inspecting them against a known database of former convicted people? …

(Don’t) Click on that bait.

Netflix’s new thriller, Clickbait is more than your run-the-mill murder TV show. Let’s have a look at “Tech in Clickbait”.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a critic of how the show was delivered, I’ll leave that to the critics (Clickbait — Rotten Tomatoes). I do discuss Infosec topics and this is what I’m doing here.

While I found myself entangled among the mysteries of the show’s plot — I couldn’t help thinking about the important technological tools presented and discussed all throughout the series.

In each and every episode — we are presented new “Apps” that one way or another move…

Or, how SANS mapped out a great number of Security frameworks in a way that actually makes sense.

Charting your way into a more secure environment


Cybersecurity covers a broad an ever expanding set of subjects. Unsurprisingly, it is challenging to build an effective security practice from scratch without the proper foundations on the theme. This is where Expert-designed Frameworks come to help.

While there are multiple Security frameworks that describe good, effective security practices, it can still be challenging to organize and put them in practice. …

With Red Canary’s Atomic Red team

Red Canary’s Logo — I love science and canaries, they got me hooked in their logo.

The best way to assess your defence is to run tests on it. CISOs have known this for decades at this point. But…


Your environment is complex, you don’t have the time, your team is overloaded with alerts and other tasks, oh and you’re no pentester nor have you got access to one…

Despite all of this, you’re responsible for testing the efficacy of your security posture against common attack tactics and techniques.

After your initial research on attack techniques you realize that the latest ATT&CK framework is reporting more than 200 of them.

That sounds like a lot…

So you were ordered to come up with a solution that can read peoples’ emotions in a meeting and report in real time what the crowd is feeling?

Well, “you better not f*** it up”, after all it’s an important demonstration of how well we can integrate multiple vendors while coming up with cool new funky ideas, ain’t it?

Fear not, this is very achievable, let’s explore how it can be done.

This Project is a follow-up to the one described in my previous article “How to Setup and Deploy AWS Face Recognition on Meraki MV cameras”.

We setup an…

Inside Out — and the other way around too.

Here’s the challenge:

You created a file on your development device and now you need to run it from a Host in AWS/Azure — How do you Upload it securely?

What if you need to download a file you modified in this Cloud hosted device into your local device for backup — How do you download this File securely?

Answer: Secure FTP, or SFTP for short.

What you’ll need:

  • Authentication Key to log in to the remote host.
  • Have SFTP installed on your device. It’s intalled by default in most modern OSs.

Scenario 1: Upload files to remote host:

  1. Open…

For many years, IT industry vendors’ have relied and pitched the idea of being experts and specialists in some products and segments. This approach is known as “Best-of-Breed”. The landscape has been changing to a different approach lately, though. Vendors are now calling their portfolio “Best-of-Platform”, let’s have a look at why.

Like most changes in Enterprise IT, this one came from Consumer offers. You’ve known and experienced this in very deep ways in your personal life — and it’s time Enterprises start thinking about this too.

Enterprises walking into the unknown

In this article I’ll explore how Cloud providers and Cybersecurity vendors are setting…

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Or “Why you still cannot respond quickly to new threats, despite your massive investments in Security”.


If you lack integration between your security products, you need an “XDR” (Extended Detection and Response) solution. Many vendors now offer XDR on their portfolio. Make sure you choose one that supports 3rd party solutions.


Blue team tools have gone a long way since traditional firewalls and antivirus. …

Take notes :)

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” — Theodore Roosevelt


I won’t be the one telling you how different the year of 2020 has been. I will remind you, though, that in February Cisco implemented changes to their certification paths. Here’s a quick look at the main changes:

  • Introduced a new title: “Specialist” that sits between “Associate” (CCNA) and “Professional”…

Andre Camillo

Cloud Security engineer — Andre, BSc. Computer Engineering, has been an IT professional for a decade with a range of experience from Support to Consulting.

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