The Meraki MV series — Second Generation family (MV12, MV22, MV32 and MV72) with embedded people and car detection capabilities


With Red Canary’s Atomic Red team

Red Canary’s Logo — I love science and canaries, they got me hooked in their logo.


Inside Out — and the other way around too.
  • Authentication Key to log in to the remote host.
  • Have SFTP installed on your device. It’s intalled by default in most modern OSs.
  1. Open…

Enterprises walking into the unknown

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Take notes :)
  • Introduced a new title: “Specialist” that sits between “Associate” (CCNA) and “Professional”…

Meraki Green?


  • Dashboard API
  • Webhook API
  • Location Streaming API
  • Captive Portal API
  • MV Sense API


Andre Camillo

Cloud Security engineer — Andre has been an IT professional for a decade with a range of experience from Support, to Sales, to Consulting.

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